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4 ohm speakers with an 8 ohm amp

will this configuration damage my speakers ???? I will get a 4 ohm amp as soon as possible, but in the meantime, i was wondering if i can get by with this temporarily Unless there is a specific warning on the amp or in the manual against

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Starting out in Pro Tools LE – What do I need?

Greetings: I’ve been using a Fostex VF 160 for about a year now.  I’m not too crazy about it. It is very cumbersome to use.  A friend of mine showed me how much easier Pro Tools is and I’m sold. Now, I’m pretty good at using a

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Recording Full Drum Set on Mbox

I’m wondering how to go about getting a full drum set (up to 8-9 mic signals) into my little Mbox. How do i mix it down to a lower number of racks before putting it into the Mbox? In order to achieve that with an MBox, or

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Room Acoustics

I was in the process of making an old office into a studio.  I’ve heard egg crates are a good way to insulate the walls but would the insulation you get at the local hardware store do just as good for a lower price? NOOOOOO!!!! DON’T DO

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Getting Started TIPs and Techniques

Music-Tech, Recently became involved with a private recording studio, furnished with a Mackie D8B mixer & Multi-track recorder, etc…etc…etc.  Am new at this, but have been reading everything I can get my hands on in order to understand signal flow, compression, gates, effects, etc… Can you recommend

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Mid frequencies accentuated when recording vocals

I`m using a Rode NTK with Focusrite RED 7 pre.The vocals sound harsh and after cutting  4K and above the vocals sound lifeless/muddy with the mid frequencies 400 to 1500hz accentuated.Is this because of cutting the hi mid or because the room accentuates these frequencies? What can

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Quiet recording levels

Hi there, I’m fairly new to using recording equipment, and I have a problem I can’t seem to track down.  I recently got a PreSonus Firebox with an Audio-technica AT4040 condenser microphone.  I plan to use these on my iBook G4, primarily with Logic Express, but possibly

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Side Chain

Lately I have been playing with compressors and gates. My church just picked up a Presonus ACP88 and I noticed it has side chains for both the compressor and the gate. I have read and seen examples on how to use them both. My question is how

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