Improve your mixing skills with a professional critique and advice from an Award Winning Mixing Engineer!

It takes time, practice, and a good amount of natural ability to become good at mixing.  More and more people are recording and mixing their own music at home these days, and are missing out on the helpful advice and criticism that us “old timers” received from our mentors while working our way up at larger recording studios.  In addition, many home musicians are using headphones or listening in untreated rooms with less than accurate monitoring, making it even more difficult to get a good sounding and well balanced mix.  To top it all off, it’s very difficult for most artists to take a step back and listen critically to their own work.  Being too familiar with your own work can sometimes lead to not hearing problems with your mix.

This is when an unbiased, second set of ears can come in handy.  Especially when those ears are attached to an award winning mixing engineer!

For a simple, flat fee of $25, I will give you a comprehensive critique of your mix, along with advice for what you can do to improve the mix.  If you then decide that you want me to mix your song, or do some touch up mixing, or even master the song, I will credit that $25 critique fee against my mixing or mastering charges.

Please contact me to get started!