DAWs & Mastering

My software Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice these days is Steinberg’s Cubase, running on a custom built Windows (64 bit) computer.  It’s what I prefer to use for composing, recording, and mixing.  However, I’m well versed in many different software packages, and keep up to date with many of the popular packages so that I can maintain compatibility with people sending me tracks from home or other studios.

Here’s a fairly complete list of what I have (as of June 2012):

  • Steinberg Cubase (64 bit version) – always the latest release version
  • Pro Tools
  • Cockos Reaper
  • Sony ACID Pro 7
  • Sony/Magix Vegas Pro & DVD Architect (mostly for video projects)
  • Propellerheads Reason
  • Ableton Live SE (stripped down version that came with my M-Audio controller)
  • FL Studio
  • Sony Sound Forge Pro
  • Steinberg Wavelab (my main mastering software)