Use the player above to listen to any or all of the Free mixes I have done. You can use the popup window icon in the upper right of the player to open it in a popup window so you can listen while you viewing other pages on the site. Click on any titles below to read my mix notes and see screen shots for any of the free mixes I’ve done.

If you think you have a really great song that I would enjoy mixing, please use the Free Mix Submission form on my mixing web site.

FREE Mix Winners

  • Poplife! by Matt Springfield
    Poplife! by Matt Springfield Matt Springfield is a singer/songwriter who raised a budget from more than 1.000 people in order to make his album “Erase All Data” that’s been recorded at Modern World Studios with top producer Greg Haver (Melanie C, Manic Street Preachers) and mastered by Ryan Smith (Bon...
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  • Spaceman – Constants and Variables
    Spaceman by Constants and Variables FREE Mix Winner #6 Band Info – Constants and Variables:  We are just a three piece instrumental band hailing from the deep tundras of Mpls, MN. We don’t like to put restraints on our music, we want to play every style and try to do...
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  • And There You Are – McRee
    And There You Are by McRee FREE Mix Winner #5 Artist Bio – Michael Clay – writer/bandleader McRee:  I am a classical pianist and composer which is most of my output. I’ve played with some prestigious orchestras, chamber groups around the US and Europe. For money I write media, television...
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  • She Don’t Love Me – Backbeat Underground
    She Don’t Love Me by Backbeat Underground Free Mix Winner #4 I actually did this mix for one of the band members of Backbeat Underground in June of 2017, but then I got super busy (do we detect a pattern here?) and didn’t have time to post this until early...
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  • Holding On – Antony Alexander
    FREE Mix Winner #3 Holding On by Antony Alexander I got super busy, and didn’t do any free mixes for a while, and then this song came along and sparked my interest. I thought this would be a fun project to try, as it’s very rare that I get a...
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  • Let Me Be – Mike Wyatt
    FREE Mix “Winner” #2 Let Me Be by Mike Wyatt Mike’s own short self-description: Solo artist from London, UK. I haven’t ‘properly’ released anything as of yet but plan to be releasing my debut EP/Single in early 2017. At the moment I’ve been focusing on touring all over the UK, and...
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  • Days That Never Dawn – Steven James
    FREE Mix “Winner” #1 Days That Never Dawn by Steven James, produced by Justin Stewart After my busiest summer even, I finally have the time to post the mix I did for the first “winner” of my FREE Mix Submissions. I picked this song as the first free mix selection,...
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