Save Money with DBAR Productions!


DBAR Productions can save you money in several ways:

  • You don’t pay for more studio than you need!  DBAR Productions is the perfect size for tracking drums and small groups, as well as any kind of overdubs and full singer/songwriter productions.  When you need the space for tracking larger groups, I will find the appropriate studio for you and will engineer the session for you.  Then, I will bring you back to my studio to do all the overdubs, mixing, and mastering, at a rate that is less than most big studios.  Sure, there are cheaper studios out there, but not many of them are run by a true full-time, professionally trained, audio engineer, like myself, who has worked on staff at one of the best and biggest studio facilities in the Seattle area!  If you want high-end professional results at a reasonable price, then choose DBAR Productions!
  • Professional results the first time!  You aren’t saving money if the results you get are not usable.  Many artists find this out the hard way by using cheap basement or home studios with less than professional equipment and studio engineers who really don’t have any professional training in audio engineering.  Many studios are run by musicians who bought a bunch of equipment to record their own music, and then decided they would try to make a little extra money by recording projects for other people.  You take your chances with these types of studios, and may end up having to re-record, or, at the very least, remix your songs, which will end up costing you much more in the long run.  Why not get it right the first time!  Go with a full time professional that you can trust right from the start!  CLICK HERE for more!
  • Learn how to get the most out of your recording budget!  Check out my very detailed article entitled Maximizing Your Recording Budget.  You can also find this article and many other “How To” guides at one of my other sites,