Booking Information

Due to my busy schedule and my ongoing work for my own projects, I am very selective about any recording projects that I take on.

I’m not cheap (but my rates are reasonable), so I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money if either it’s not a project I think I will enjoy or I don’t feel you are ready to work at this level.

I am a little more flexible with small projects that only take an hour or two once a week or so, as I can usually squeeze those in around other projects.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your project, though, since I can always refer you to someone else if I don’t think the project is right from me.

If you have an exceptional or unique talent that just needs some help to develop properly, please do contact me as I sometimes work out trade deals or special rates for exceptional artists or bands that I would really love to work with.

Studio Rates & Hours

The studio is by appointment only. There are no set hours, but I normally work do not work past 9PM.

Music Projects

My rates vary depending on how busy I am and how much I want to work on the project (if I agree to do it at all).  If you have truly exceptional talent (particularly in singing and songwriting) I sometimes offer trade deals, or greatly reduced rates, in exchange for your contributions to some of my ongoing projects.

Music composition, arranging, and production services are not included in the per hour rate.  Rates for composing and arranging music are usually a flat rate based on the complexity of the song and the desired instrumentation.  Rates for my services as a producer are determined on a case by case basis depending on the exact services needed.

Corporate Projects

My rate for all types of corporate recording work (dialog recording/editing, post production, etc.) is $75 per hour.  There is a one hour minimum charge.

Custom music production or sound design for jingles, radio, TV, film, or any other type of corporate project is done on a flat rate basis.

Contact me to discuss your project and get a price quote.

Materials and Other Expenses

CD-Rs are cheap these days and so I will usually include these for no additional cost unless you need more than a couple of copies. All other required materials will be charge to the client.

All clients for large or long-term projects are strongly urged to purchase their own portable USB flash drives, or external hard drives, for daily backups and final project archival.  Although I back up projects regularly, I am NOT responsible for lost time, work, or income due to hard drive failure or other disaster.  See the studio policies below for more.


I’m usually fairly easy going, but for my own protection, the below studio policies must be agreed to in order to work at my studio.

All new clients must download, read, and agree to the below studio policies and bring in a signed copy to their first session before any work will begin.

STUDIO POLICIES(pdf download)