Looking to reach some new fans?  A remix may be just what you need!

If you’re looking for a remix/remake that’s a bit different than your typical EDM dance floor regurgitation, feel free to contact me. I love taking songs in new and unexpected directions.

Rework Howard Jones Contest

There are two old songs of Howard Jones that I totally reworked and remixed in completely different styles for the Rework Howard Jones contest. Unfortunately, Howard never did announce any winners from the contest. However, I still think these are good examples of two different styles of music that I have produced that are completely different from the standard electronic dance music type remixes.

Automaton – This was the first set of tracks Howard released for the Rework contest.  Knowing that most people would probably do electronic dance remixes, I took this in a more rock/metal direction with a bit of a spy movie modern soundtrack feel to it.

I’ve Said Too Much – This was the second set of track Howard released for the Rework contest.  For this I decided to go the opposite direction of what I did last time, and went with a more classical orchestral approach.  I also slowed the tracks, and Howard’s vocals, down in tempo quite a bit, and then gradually raised the tempo back up in each section of the song until I got back to the original tempo for the last set of choruses.

Baby C “Mob With Me”
Remix I did of a hip-song by Lonnie Perrin and Baby C

Hey Mr DJ

A cover version of a classic song I did with the Rebelz.  Again, I produced the music for this cover song.  Shawna Locey did the singing.  I did the mixing and mastering as well.