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Spaceman – Constants and Variables

Spaceman by Constants and Variables FREE Mix Winner #6 Band Info – Constants and Variables:  We are just a three piece instrumental band hailing from the deep tundras of Mpls, MN. We don’t like to put restraints on our music, we want to play every style and try to do

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And There You Are – McRee

The Neve Console

And There You Are by McRee FREE Mix Winner #5 Artist Bio – Michael Clay – writer/bandleader McRee:  I am a classical pianist and composer which is most of my output. I’ve played with some prestigious orchestras, chamber groups around the US and Europe. For money I write media, television

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She Don’t Love Me – Backbeat Underground

She Don’t Love Me by Backbeat Underground Free Mix Winner #4 I actually did this mix for one of the band members of Backbeat Underground in June of 2017, but then I got super busy (do we detect a pattern here?) and didn’t have time to post this until early

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The Mixing of Quiet Scream – Part 1 – Track Layout and Groups

The Mixing of Quiet Scream – Part 1 – Track Layout and Groups This is the not so glamorous, but very important part of mixing. Getting your tracks organized, and setting up your groups/busses, and folders. Part 1 in a series of mixing the song “Quiet Scream” from the Conversation

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How to use Delays instead of Reverb when mixing Vocals

This video shows just one way that you can use a couple of delays, instead of reverb, for the main vocal effects when mixing. For this song, I used a short diffuse delay to create a subtle ambient effect throughout the song. Then I used a longer echo that is

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The Best of Everything!

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but I joined a few FB groups a while back, thinking that maybe I can share some of my knowledge with young aspiring producers/engineers. Unfortunately, it seems that a large number of questions asked by “newbies” is “What’s the best _____?”. Here are

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Holding On – Antony Alexander

FREE Mix Winner #3 Holding On by Antony Alexander I got super busy, and didn’t do any free mixes for a while, and then this song came along and sparked my interest. I thought this would be a fun project to try, as it’s very rare that I get a

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Why your home studio mixes suck

So, you’ve got the latest and greatest DAW, a high end notebook or desktop computer, every plugin you could lay your hands on, some cool looking “studio” monitors and headphones, and you watched every episode of Pensado’s Place, but your home studio mixes still suck compared to the pros? What

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Let Me Be – Mike Wyatt

FREE Mix “Winner” #2 Let Me Be by Mike Wyatt Mike’s own short self-description: Solo artist from London, UK. I haven’t ‘properly’ released anything as of yet but plan to be releasing my debut EP/Single in early 2017. At the moment I’ve been focusing on touring all over the UK, and

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Days That Never Dawn – Steven James

FREE Mix “Winner” #1 Days That Never Dawn by Steven James, produced by Justin Stewart After my busiest summer even, I finally have the time to post the mix I did for the first “winner” of my FREE Mix Submissions. I picked this song as the first free mix selection,

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