Professional Music Production, Recording, and Mixing Services from DBAR Productions &
Stephen Sherrard

DBAR Productions offers a full range of Music Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering services for clients all over the world.

I can work with you via the internet, or in person for those in the Seattle/Bellevue/Issaquah area.

With more than 25 years of professional music production and recording/mixing experience, my own professionally designed recording studio, and a vast network of professional musicians & vocalists to call upon, I can handle just about any project you can throw at me!

My specialty, and main focus these days, is high-end professional mixing for people all around the world.  Mixing music is one of my favorite parts of what I do.  Read more on my mixing page or on my dedicated mixing web site.

I also really enjoy working with singer/songwriters and helping them develop and produce their songs from start to finishComposing and arranging music for your songs,  finding the right musicians to take it to the next level, working with you on the vocals, and then putting it all together with mixing and mastering, is a very satisfying and fulfilling experience!  Working with great singers and great musicians to put together a great song really makes me very happy!  Find out more about my singer/songwriter production services.

There is nothing better than that chill that runs down your spine during a very emotionally intense part of a song!   That’s something I strive for in every project I do!  The song always takes priority in everything I do.  I don’t have any working templates or set way of doing things.  I listen to each song carefully and let the song dictate what is needed to best deliver the emotion and intent of the song.

Whether you’re a solo artist, or if you have a band, a great producer can help you get the best results for your songs or album project without wasting time and money.  I offer a full range of production services.

Sometimes all you need is a great place to record vocals or instrument tracks!  I can do that extremely well.  I’m very fast and efficient and always deliver high quality tracks for any purpose.  My studio is large enough to record drums and small groups.  If you need space for larger groups, there are several other studios in the greater Seattle area that I rent out as needed.

No matter where you recorded and mixed your project, it’s not complete until it’s been edited and professionally mastered!  Digital editing and mastering is another specialty of mine.

Although my first love is music, I also have done quite a bit of “corporate”, pre- and post-production work for various companies.  I used to do all the recording & editing for a weekly radio show “Golf Radio with Peter Jacobsen”.  I’ve composed and produced scores for independent videos and documentaries, recorded and edited dialog and Sound Effects for everything from video games to automated phone systems, and have produced music and vocals for too many low budget jingles to remember!  If it relates to music or audio, I can do it!  Find out more about my TV, Radio, Video, and Multimedia Services.

I also love discussing technology, solving problems, and teaching others the art & science of recording.  I offer consulting and instruction in person, or via phone or internet.

Not seeing what you are looking for listed here?  If it relates to music or audio in any way, I can probably do it.  Just contact me to find out.