Here’s what others are saying:

[Bo Bice mixing contest critique comments]  WOW! Very nice arrangement with the build, textures. You’ve captured and added to every essential element. Wish I had done it! Excellent. I think you are on your way.

– Al Schmitt
21 time Grammy winning Engineer

Steve Sherrard is a very talented audio engineer and producer with a great sounding studio. I’ve recorded drums with him over the last ten years or so, and have always been happy and excited with the results. He consistently provides quality work.

I’ve also worked with him on various multimedia projects, which include loop content for a commercial release, and video/instructional projects, and recommend him highly as a resource for professional level results

– Ben Smith
Drummer (Heart)

With countless hours and time recording an album, one hopes the results with mixing will improve the product. We certainly weren’t disappointed with Stephen’s ear and expertise.

We were ecstatic to hear our home-recorded songs come alive with a fuller and lusher sound. Stephen’s mixing gave a professional studio quality to our music. Once released, our album went on to win accolades, including ‘best album of the year’. In the end, a great mixer knows how to emphasize and make shine the artist’s intention, and Stephen has an instinct with both his gear and with his sensitivity to details. Highly recommended!

– Claude Marquis
The Peptides

I first worked with Stephen back in 1995. and he recorded and co-produced my 4th CD, “the absence of moving”. He is great to work with , and really knows his way around digital recording. Stephen has the right balance of artistic suggestions and technical knowledge along with a laid-back attitude that made it really easy to get my ideas and music recorded and sounding first-rate! I will work with him again, as I know that I would have a great time working with him, and that we would have a great sounding recording when we were finished!

– Jill Cohn

I’ve worked with Steve for over 16 years on a number of projects. I’ve always been pleased with the results. In my experience it’s been refreshing to work with Steve because he doesn’t try to make the project about himself. When you need ideas, he has ideas. When you know what you want he makes it happen. Steve is very accessible (extremely important when you’re up against a deadline) and he’s always fair with his price.

– Todd Koeppen

I’ve worked with Stephen for my EP, The 5th Element and was extremely happy with the finished product music! It was mixed and polished to a professional level that I am proud to sell, market, and call my own. Stephen is very professional and easy to work with, he listened to my needs and delivered a flawless project that is a step above the rest, Stephen Rocks!

– Coreena
Electronic Artist

Stephen is the consummate professional. He’s highly detailed and I have never had to send a mix back. His mixes are always solid, coherent and easy to master. His experience over the years has placed him above his peers. I trust his ears and experience to make any track a potential hit. You would certainly start off on the right “track” to have Stephen record and mix your next album!

– Bruce Brown
Owner/Mastering Engineer – Puget Sound Studios

When Stephen first came to Triad Studios he arrived with considerable experience, but he impressed me with his conscientious concern for the needs of the client.
He was all about the details; technical, logistical, and those intangible personal details that one needs to get right in order to make the customer happy and ensure their continued business.
I am pleased that Stephen has built a successful audio business upon these precepts. I would not hesitate to recommend him highly!

– Laurence “Larz” Nefzger
Around-Sound Productions

Stephen Sherrard has a wonderful ear for music and voice. Two wonderful ears, actually.
He has top notch gear and knows how to use it.
He catches things that most people would let slip by–things that really make a difference in the project’s impact.
I’ve worked with Stephen on dozens of pieces over the years–animated characters, medical and technology pieces, high profile ad campaigns, even The Holy Bible–and he always makes me feel that I’m amongst friends, so I can really focus on the read.
Stephen is also an amazing music composer and mixer, as you’ll see on his sites, and And don’t let his rates fool you. This guy is good!

– Jim Cissell
Voice Guy

Steve is a talented and dedicated music producer, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. Trust your songs to Steve, and they will sound good. He’s also a persistent businessman, running his studio in many locations over the years, trying new things, and working with any budget.

– Mark Yeend
Head of Audio – Microsoft Game Studios
Mark Yeend on LinkedIn

It has been a great pleasure working with Stephen. He has amazing ears and absolutely “gets it,” as far as knowing what it takes to make great music. Stephen possesses a thorough technical understanding of digital recording as well as offering wonderful music insight.

– Daniel Christopherson
Record Producer and Composer

I first started working with Stephen during his days at Triad. Always prepared, always positive, always professional. I’ve since had the opportunity to work with him on several projects through DBAR Productions and (per usual) it’s a true pleasure. I’d gladly recommend Stephen and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

– Cathy Faulkner
Cathy Faulkner Voiceovers

Stephen is an awesome engineer, adviser, producer, arranger etc… His calming demeaned and ability to bring out the absolute best is uncanny. Stephen takes mediocre vocals and transforms them into something totally amazing; he’s definitely someone I’ll be working on future project with. There’s no looking back after the dbar-production experience and that’s no hype.

– Roger Alexander (Quadlibet)
Quadlibet on SoundCloud

Stephen’s a real nice guy to work with. I just worked with him the one time when I was trying to take one of my rough home recordings to the next level. We had a pretty limited time and I wasn’t exactly on an huge budget but he was really cool about all that and really helped shape the mix. He definitely put up with all my picky (more like anal) scrutinies nicely. In the end the set goal was definitely attained so yeah, was a great experience.

– Jeet Paul
Jeetallica on SoundCloud

Critique of my winning mix of Bo Bice’s song November for the Sennheiser/Neumann Bo Bice Mixing Competition

The contest was judged by top industry professionals including: Al Schmitt, Tom Young, David Thoener, Karl Richardson, Tim Palmer, Greg Lukens, and Cool & Dre.

I received a “perfect” score.
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