Just wrapping up a busy few weeks of mixing for 3 different projects.

First, I mixed a set of 5 great songs from Travis Oberg.  Those are off to mastering and I’ll post links when he has something online that you can listen to.

Then, I helped my long time friend and client Todd Koeppen fine tune a few mixes that he had worked on for his new album, and then mastered the album for him.  He’s giving that album away for free.  Visit his site for more details.

Just today we put the finishing touches on a mix I did for the very talented producer/musician Johnny Bacolas.  That song should be off to mastering soon as well.  It was a challenging, but very fun song to mix.  Features real violins, cello, bouzouki, and flamenco guitar, along with the more traditional rock/pop instrumentation.  Johnny was a great guy to work with!

I’m always looking for great music to mix!  If you want a custom quote for high-end, professional mixing for your music, contact me.  Doesn’t matter where you live, I do plenty of mixing for people via the internet.  Send me an MP3 or a link to your song, and I’ll let you know what I can do.