Just a quick post to mention that the FREE Musicians’ Classifieds site has been entirely reworked and upgraded (version 6 now) and is once again open for musicians.  It’s an all new system, so I had to start fresh and could not import old user accounts and ads.

This is a free service I have been offering to musicians since 1999!

It’s also a heavily moderated system, with all ads reviewed by me personally before they are published to the public.

This new system I just put online also allowed me to do much more custom programming to do extensive spambot and human spam/scam detection and blocking.  In the previous system I had to force visitors to create an account before they could respond to an ad in order to cut down on spam.  The new system, however, allows me to leave the contact form for each ad open to the public, but includes two different types of spambot detection and also runs each contact form message against the Akismet database to block the majority of common human spam/scam messages.

As always, the site is free for all musicians and music business related ads.  However, there are a couple of very low cost ad upgrades you can purchase to help support the site.

Also, as always, I do NOT ad you to any mailing lists, nor do I sell or share your personal information with any other companies.

Check it out at:  http://freemusiciansclassifieds.com