Almost as much as I love producing, recording, and mixing music, I also love photography!  If I wasn’t able to do music for a living, I would certainly take a shot a being a professional photographer.  Visit for more of my photography work.

ALL of the photos in this gallery are of my own studio, and are photos that I have taken myself.

All of these photos are copyrighted by DBAR Productions, LLC, and may not be used or reproduced for any reason without permission.
Studio HistoryLive Keyboard Rig – Silverdale, WATrying to look tough in my Bremerton, WA home studioFirst setup in the Bellevue houseIn the Bellevue Studio with one of the catsBellevue Studio with custom desk and cabinetsEastlake Ave. studio in a rented office spaceKeyboards at the Eastlake Ave. StudioEnsoniq Keyboards at the Eastlake Ave StudioThe Whisper Room recording booth at the Eastlake Ave StudioInside of the booth at the Eastlake Ave StudioWest Seattle home studioWest Seattle home studioWest Seattle home studioWest Seattle home studioThe booth gets its own room in West SeattleInside the booth in the West Seattle Home StudioWest Seattle after console and desk upgradeIssaquah Studio before the big remodel project

Studio History

A collection of studio history photos that show the progression of my home studio, from its beginning in my college days up to the last setup I had before the big remodel in 2006.