Hi, please see link I have placed and let me know that how can I edit my voice as dual voice. What we call this function. Just help and rest I will practice thru different software.

I removed the links from this question, but the vocal effects were basic voice doubling effects that can be heard in many songs.

There are several ways to get the “vocal doubling” effect:

  1. The most obvious one, and usually the best sounding, is to simply sing the part a second time. The closer you can match the timing and pitch of your original track, the better it will sound. No matter how good you are, you will never be able to match the timing and pitch perfectly between two vocal takes, and the resulting differences will be truly random, giving the most natural “chorus” type doubling effect. Most professional singers do it this way, because it still sounds the best.  Usually if you just want to thicken the voice a bit, without it being obvious that you doubled the voice, then you keep the volume of the double quite a bit lower than the main lead… just loud enough that you hear that natural chorus & thickening, but not loud enough that the listener can tell that you are singing the part twice (again, you really need to be accurate with your timing, because sloppy timing of the double will make it more obvious that it’s a second track).
  2. If you are too lazy to sing the part a second time, or are not very good at accurately doubling yourself, or if you simply prefer a more synthetic/processed double sound, then my next favorite effect to use is a micro pitch shift type effect, popularized by the Eventide Harmonizer series of processors back in the day. This type of effect usually does a very small amount of pitch shifting, usually going up on one side and down on the other side (such as +5 cents on the left, and -5 cents on the right), and also a very small amount of delay on each side (different amounts, such as 10 ms on left and 15 ms on the right). This gives a nice widening type double effect, although it is more of a “static” effect in that the pitch amounts and delays are fixed.  My favorite plugin for this these days is the Microshift plugin from SoundToys.
  3. A kind of “do it yourself” doubling method would be to duplicate the lead vocal track, and then do some sort of automatic pitch correction to the double track, such as with Auto Tune or your DAW’s built in pitch correction. Just do some sort of subtle pitch correction, enough to make it sound a bit different from the lead voice, and blend in to taste. If you want it to sound wider, copy the track twice, and use different pitch correct settings on each of the two duplicated tracks… pan one hard right and the other hard left, and maybe offset the tracks just a small amount (in the 10 to 20 millisecond range, different on each side).
  4. There are also “doubler” type plugins that specifically try to create these effects. One of the newer ones that I really like a lot is the Waves Abbey Road Reel ADT plugin. That tries to recreate the classic ADT effects popularized by Abbey Road in the 60s. Waves also has an older “Doubler” plugin that does more of a modulating type doubling effects, that also works pretty good.
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