Happy 4th Of July!!

After some morning festivities with my son, I finished up my mix for the new Pensado’s place mixing competition.  It’s a song called “Get Up” by the band For A Season.

This was not a “remix”.  We all were given the same tracks to work with and were not allowed to add anything new.  This is purely a contest to judge our mixing skills.  It’s a very popular contest also, with over 540 entries when I submitted mine (deadline is tomorrow, July 5th).  I expect it will grow to over 600 entries before submissions are closed.  I certainly don’t envy the judges who need to listen to all those entries and sort them out!  (Update:  Final count was 763 entries!!)

So, if you want to hear my most recent mixing work, check out my entry for the contest on the IdabaMusic web site:

For A Season – “Get Up” – Stephen Sherrard Mixing contest entry