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Robot Mastering

Stephen – have you any experience with these “online” mastering services? Here is one: (link removed) Apparently you can send in an MP3 file and they will plug it into an “algorithm” of some sort and then send it back to you. Have any of your customers ever used one? It

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Questions regarding Analog vs Digital Compression

Hi Stephen, I am a third year music tech uni student. I was wondering if you prefer to use analogue hardware compression or a digital plug-in? Do you think that digital is taking over in studios when it comes to mixing? Every recording & mixing engineer is going to have

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Expanders and their uses

Stephen – over the years you’ve answered several of my questions and have taught me a lot. I have another question if you’ve got the time. I hear everyone talking about compression for dynamics, but I never hear anyone talking about using expanders. Why do people use them? Are they

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WordPress web sites for Musicians

“Do you have a web site?” As a band or artist of any type, that is a question you may get asked often. These days it is more important than ever to have a strong web presence to promote your music or art.  Sure, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media

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Relaunch of the FREE Musicians’ Classifieds

Just a quick post to mention that the FREE Musicians’ Classifieds site has been entirely reworked and upgraded (version 6 now) and is once again open for musicians.  It’s an all new system, so I had to start fresh and could not import old user accounts and ads. This is

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Getting Started as a Mixing Engineer or Music Producer

Here’s a question I got via email this morning: What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out at producing/mixing music? I can’t quite decide if I’d rather wear the producer’s hat or the mixing engineer’s hat. I ask because I want to take music production more

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Must Have Tools – UAD Cambridge EQ (High pass filters)

Haven’t written for a while, because I’ve been super busy in the studio with several big mixing projects, as well as some remixing/reworking type projects. However, I just wanted to add a quick article to my “Must Have” series to point out the UAD Cambridge EQ, which I use on

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Words of inspiration from Young Guru

Recording vocals in the old DBAR Productions vocal booth

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to attend an inspirational presentation from Young Guru.  This was an event put on by the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Recording Academy, and their Grammy U program. I was able to bring a guest, so I brought my wife along.  Although my wife

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Questions from a university student

Hello Stephen.  I’m studying for a Bsc(Hons) in Sound Technology at the University of Glamorgan.  Would it be possible for you to participate in a quick questionnaire with regards to the working methods of current producers/mix engineers? Let the interrogation commence… Happy to try to help.  You can find lots

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MIDI and Audio – Connections

If I’m going to MIDI my Korg Extreme to an audiobox 44VSL interface to do everything one needs to in order to record…Am I still going to be using 1/4″ (phono) cables as well? (from Korg to interface) Also, while I got’cha, could you Please turn us dummys onto a

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